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Helpdesk for spaces

A lightweight helpdesk system to manage tickets from users to a space.

If pfm is configured with an imap account, let’s say, then space members can send emails to to create a ticket.

Managers can see and reply to all tickets, and ease the follow-ups of users issues, with the full conversation.

Space email address is show in helpdesk configuration panel when activated.

Space members and managers can see tickets and manage them:

  • set their status (new, open, assigned, pending reminder, closed)
  • add private notes for managers
  • reply to ticket (will send an email to user)

Users can reply to tickets email to add information to opened ticket.

When activated:

  • emails sent from a space (comm, etc.) will have the helpdesk email address in the from of the email.
  • if space has not defined a support address, the email address will also be shown in spaces home page.

Though not a full and complete helpdesk system like zammad, otrs, etc… this module can help space managers to follow user issues when not having their own helpdesk.