Platform Manager
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Base requirements

  • Database: mysql > 5.6, tested on 8
  • PHP:
    • version >= 8
    • with gd (jpeg, xpm, freetype support), pdo, pdo_mysql, mysqli, zip, ldap, imap and sockets support
  • Apache server with:
    • PHP enabled
    • rewrite, headers, proxy_http modules
    • use of .htaccess

Apache should also have specific pfm configuration:

<Location /update>
  Order deny,allow
  Deny from all
  Allow from

<Directory "^${docroot}/data">
  <FilesMatch ".+\.*$">
    SetHandler !
  • Rabbitmq server for additional services (pfm-events, etc.)
  • Redis
  • Influxdb server for statistics (optional)

Install with docker

You just need docker and docker-compose ;-)

See docker

Install from source

See source