Platform Manager
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Getting started

Setup new spaces

At first, as superadmin you must create a space, create accounts for the future space administrators and give them admin role to this space.

First step is to connect with the configured admin account.

Create a space

In the admin menu, go to Spaces

main page

admin menu

Add a space.

Note that you can choose to pre-configure your space. That will activate the base modules: Booking, Resources and Clients

create space

Space is created, now it is to create menus to access it.

space created

Create menus

Menus are a way to group spaces in logical groups.

In admin menu, go to Menus

In menus section, create a new menu

admin menus management

admin menus management

Once created, create a sub menus

admin menus management

Link your submenu to previously created menu

admin menus management

admin menus management

At last, create a items that will link a submenu to a space

admin menus management

Now you main menu appears on top.

Clicking on menu will show linked spaces (submenus will appear only if there are multiple spaces).

admin menus management

Your new space

Then you can access your space homepage by clicking on its name at the top of the corresponding item. The default components of a new space are Space, Configuration, Users and History. In order to run this new space, you need to create new users an give them admin access to it.

admin space homepage

Create a user

A User is linked to an account. Within a space, it can be attributed different roles , like admin, manager, user or visitor. Creating a user creates an account.

There are two ways to create a new user:

  • As a space admin
  • As a superadmin

Create a user as a space admin

See Users management

Create a user as a superadmin

In the admin menu, go to Users.

user creation

user creation

Add User.

user creation

User account is created. Once you have transmitted them their credentials, they will be able to connect to Platform-Manager and ask to join a space. A user can be member of multiple spaces.

user creation

Set a space admin

See Promote a user to space administration

Now user can access space and configure it! :-)