Platform Manager
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Platform-Manager is a research facility management system.

It has been designed to facilitate the management of research facilities. It integrates tools for managing users (membership, responsible, convention…), tools for managing and booking resources (rooms, microscopes …), service management and business databases. It allows to automatically generate quotes & invoices for each resource or services according to the reservations or the orders.

Platform-Manager is built in a modular way allowing the integration of additional functionalities with the core functionalities. For example, modules for stock management, antibody management, file sharing, downloading of data from resources have been developed.

Use and Extend

Platform-Manager is a free and open-source tool (GPL). Add your own modules to match your needs.


How it works?

Platform-Manager is built in 2 levels: a global level of administration and a level consisting of spaces.

  • Administration : The administration module allows the system administrator to configure and update Platform-Manager. This module also contains the configuration of Platform-Manager: installation and configuration of spaces, logo, homepage content …
  • Spaces : Platform-Manager consists of independent “spaces”. Each space is a public or private domain in which modules are enabled. Thus, a set of facilities can share a single instance of Platform-Manager with each their dedicated space. The tools available in the “spaces” come from the modules, some of which are interdependent. Refer to the modules documentation.